Learning To Learn

Learning to Learn at Haresfield School – open afternoon for parents

At Haresfield School we recognise the importance of learning to learn and developing the key skills of learning in our children from a very young age. We aim to develop our pupils as life long learners and we want to instil in them a love of learning.

We want children and adults to develop a positive mind-set towards their learning and we held an open afternoon to share our ideas with the parents.

Growth Mindset – open afternoon for parents

We have been working on developing the key skills for learning and along with the children’s ideas and suggestions.


To be a good learner I must…

Ask questions



Have a go



Help others

The school council have voted on different characters the school will use to represent these key skills. The children will be using the characters to help them understand what the skill is and how to improve on it for themselves and for their own learning abilities.

The Characters :


Do Your Best