Osmington Bay

Thursday 21st May

Very sunny day – good job as we have sailing all afternoon!

Activities planned are, low ropes, trapeze and sailing with a disco tonight.

Low ropes – building trust in our friends.

Trapeze – these children are so amazing! It brought me to tears seeing them challenge and push themselves to do this. The whole group were so incredibly supportive, cheering each other on and willing them to do it. Seriously emotional!


Wednesday 20th May

Today the sun is shining and the  hildren are all feeling a little tired! First activity is survivor which involves shelter building, carving wooden tent pegs and lighting a fire using a flint.


After we had learnt how to survive we went to the quad biking track. All were very excited about having a go but sadly they wouldn’t let the teachers lose on quad bikes…shame!

Finley did the stunt of the season by trying to drive over the top of a stack of 5 car tyres, luckily he held on and then jumped clear – Mrs Bacon caught it all on video -cool! ( but scarey for teachers!)

This afternoon we have Jacob’s Ladder ( more climbing!) and then Street Surf.

More phots to follow and thousands to bring back to school!

Street surfing was great – one of the most popular activities so far this week. so good to see them helping each other and being supportive. Very determined boys! Rowan should definitely investigate a career in being a stunt man – he spent most of the time falling spectacularly!

Tuesday 19th May 2015 All the children went to sleep very well last night – no tears at all! Breakfast was at 7:35 but we had already played a game of catch and volleyball by then. First activity was mountain biking

The slow race

Next was was the giant swing!! Guess who can shout the loudest?!?

Alice and Grace M

Don’t look down!

Lunch – very good food. Afternoon activities include sensory trail – very wet, muddy and a extremely good fun followed by Zip wire….everyone managed to do it hooray!!!

hang on tight! Flip it, Flop it, take the green rope off it.   Monday 18th May 2015 We all arrived safely Рit was a very long journey. the sun is shining but there is a chilly wind. This is the view from our bedrooms ! Amazing! Dinner tonight was delicious and all the children ate very well. PGL doing a great job of tiring them out with passport to the world.

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