Beavers Class 2018 – 2019

H Joshua E’s pot



We have loved doing our rowing lessons this term. Here are some pictures from our last lesson.


Here are the topic webs for the summer term and the spellings for the summer terms.

Beaver Class Spellings Summer Term 2 201819

summer 2 planet earth 201891

Beaver Class Spellings Summer Term 1 201819

summer 201819 FIT FOR LIFE







We have started our term with a fabulous week including a trip to the woods for photography and a trip to the church for Experience Easter. Thank you so much to all the helpers who gave up their time – the children really learned a lot from it.

























































What a busy term we have had.

Here are some pictures from our visit to the Mosque. We learned a lot from Imam Hassan about Islam and the way Muslims worship. We tried out washing our hands, arms, faces and feet and we were able to try on some clothes.


































































We had a great day out at We The Curious in Bristol. Here are some of the things we got up to. These first ones are playdough circuits.


Scroll down to see us experimenting with circuits in class.


SPELLING LISTS Spring term 2 from Feb half term to Easter

Cameron’s Pot

James’s Anglo Saxon Pot

Freddie M’s Anglo Saxon Pot

Mollie’s Anglo Saxon Pot

Freddie J’s Anglo Saxon pot

Ollie P’s Anglo Saxon pot

Oli B’s Anglo Saxon pot






























William’s Anglo Saxon pot


We have been writing some gruesome guides to monster killing inspired by our work on Beowulf. I hope you enjoy sharing them at home.

Beowulf guide by Leo

How To Slay A Monster by Amelia P

Monster Slaying Guide by Jasper

The guide of creepy monster slaying by Beowulf by Dylan

Weaponry by Ollie P

Weaponry and stuff by Josh G

Monster Slaying Guide by Freddie M

Monster Slaying Guide by Evie


Monster Killing by Darcy

How to slay terrible monsters by Mollie

How to slay terrible monsters by Lily

How to slay a monster by Beowulf Charlotte



Beowulfs great guide by Cameron

BEOWULF monster killing by Joshua E

Beowulf Guide by Amelia H

Beowulf Guide by Alessia


Beowulf by Jamie

BEOWULF by Daniel

Archies Amazing Killing Guide

 Beaver Class have been to the woods taking pictures again and having a lot of fun. We are looking forward to seeing their finished pictures.

Beaver Class have been taking on the large gymnastics equipment today and showing great balance and poise. Well done everyone. Scroll down to have a look.

Here are some of the illuminated letters we have done for our topic books, a message in runes and some of our lino prints.  I am feeling very proud of the children and their artwork.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Spelling tests spring 1 2018 pt info

Spring Term Topic Webs and National Curriculum Information

Beaver Class Spellings Autumn Term 2

Beaver Class Homework 16th Nov

Homework due in on Friday 5th October 2018

Have a look at some of our sketches of replica Roman armour Milli’s Roman Shield Alessia’s Roman armour Alessia’s Roman helmet Amelia H’s Roman armour Daniel’s Roman armour Darcy’s Roman armour Evie’s Roman armour Freddie M’s Roman shield Ivana’s Roman shield James’s Roman armour Jasper’s Roman shield Joshua’s Roman armour Ollie’s Roman shield William’s Roman shield

We have been testing surfaces to see how friction affects the distance travelled by a toy car down a ramp.           The Marines have been putting the children through their paces already this term. “I think it’s quite demanding and working our muscles.” Jasper “It’s challenging. ” Milli “It’s hard work but still fun.” Jamie “It’s fun, hard work and energetic so I like it.” Amelia P   Beaver Class English Homework 21.9.18

Parent information about spelling Autumn Term 1

2018 Beaver Class Topic Web Autumn Term 201819

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