Owls Class 2017 – 2018


We loved looking at our growing chicks. They are now very confident and enjoy exploring the classroom!

See how our tadpoles have grown!

The children have loved observing their changes. We released them into the secret garden on a lovely wet day. Perfect for frogs!







We left our eggs in the incubator on Friday. But when we came into school on Tuesday we found these…

The children are so excited to see our new arrivals 8th May 2018



As part of our art we went to the woodland classroom to do some sketching. May 2018


We have been on a trip to Weston-Super-Mare April 2018

We had lots of fun on the beach and enjoyed a delicious whippy ice-cream on the pier.

We are learning about how animals grow. We are watching some eggs and trying to be patient. They will take three weeks to hatch.



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