Bats Class 2017 – 2018

Fun with frogs!


We named the chicks

Bramble, Bluebell, Primrose, Ginger, Smudge and Tweedy!

We had a lot of fun watching them eat out of our hands. Tweedy the clown came to see his namesake! He got up to his usual tricks!






Yippee the chicks have hatched! After a long three week wait, we have six downy, fluffy, cuddly Cream Legbar chicks. 8th May 2018

We have no doubt that they will win the pet show on Friday.

Come back later this week to find out their names!

We walked to the woodland classroom on a beautiful sunny afternoon and sat among the bluebells to sketch the trees. May 2018


We have been watching our tadpoles grow!

Some of them now have their back legs and they love eating lettuce.









We had fun on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. It was a lovely sunny day. Perfect for a cooling ice-cream on the pier.












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