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Extreme Reading Competition

Please remember that the Homework task is a guidance – if your child wants to do a different task, or if as a family you are doing something exciting that you would like your child to share, please do not feel that you have to complete every task - homework is there to enhance the learning of your child and to support family time – we do not want it to be onerous.

homework letter

Homework Open Evening

Year 1/ 2 Homework

Chidlren in Year 1 and 2 are expected to read 10-15 minutes daily (1 hour per week) with an adult
Share/ hear reading books
Practise spellings (Given Monday and tested Friday)
Practise times tables (Tested on a Friday)
Chidlren will occasionally be set a special piece of work that relates to our topic- parents will be notified when

Timestables letter Year 1/2

Class 3 Homework

Children will usually have a week to complete homework. There will typically be a spelling related activity (not always a list of words to learn), an English related activity and a Maths related activity. It should not take more than about 20 minutes to complete and should be handed in to the blue tray in the classroom. Homework may vary from week to week. Please use pencil for homework as it looks neater.
Please read with your child as often as you can and please remember to read to them as well.

Class 4 Homework

Every child has a purple folder to keep their homework in. Homework will be issued as follows and both pieces collected on a Friday.

Monday - spelling related homework

Wednesday - maths homework (this may be linked to the topics we are covering or will be based on general mathematical concepts such as times tables)

Homework should take about 20 minutes – please do not spend hours on it (unless they want to!). If there are any problems or queries the children should ask me and I shall go through the work with them. They each also have a reading record to write in themselves and also for parents to comment in when they have heard their child read.

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