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SPORT PREMIUM – New Funding to support Primary PE and School Sport


In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport. This funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

Alongside numeracy and literacy, Sports Premium will be the third area to be inspected by Ofsted therefore it is vitally important that we utilise the funding effectively.

Our School two year plans

At our school we are planning to invest this additional funding into a sustainable development programme. At the end of the two year funding period our staff delivering PE will be more confident and competent, AND our students will have access to additional and extending PE and Sport Opportunities. As a whole school we will offer healthy lifestyle programmes including new Change4 Life clubs for our least active pupils and the more able performers will be extended to their full potential.

Gloucester School Sports Network

As our school commitment to this we have affiliated to the Gloucester School Sports Network. This collaborative working will provide enhanced opportunities for students and staff alike to develop PE and School Sports. The following areas will be covered.

Pupil participation opportunities –festivals and events ( Dance, KS1 Christmas, Easter and Summer Multi Skills)

Pupils competition opportunities – Cross country / Gymnastics / Rugby / Hockey / Swimming gala / Athletics / Rounder’s

Staff continual professional development – High Quality Physical Education / Sport Specific

Curriculum support – activities as required

Please refer to the link below to see the full range of opportunities that the Gloucester School Sports Network has on offer.


In addition to our affiliation to the Gloucester School Partnership we have also invested some of our sports premium to develop outstanding PE teaching across the whole school through Superstars. We have been fortunate to employ ‘Coach Josh’ who has been working alongside the class teachers to support and develop PE lessons in a variety of sports. Superstars have also enabled us to increase our provision of afterschool sporting activities and provide training for a group of children in the Young Leader program.

Be The Best

To increase the children’s aspirations and devlop them as believers in their own dreams the children have started a brilliant new project in school.  Building on the success of Team GB in the 2012 Olympics, the Be the Best You Can Be! Programme is a coaching initiative, which aims to inspire, engage and empower and is designed to unlock children and young people’s untapped potential.

As such, the pupils of Haresfield had an Olympian (Michaela Breeze) come to school on January 10th who talked to them about her journey from school child to Olympic athlete. The children are continuing this work in school over the year and it is hoped that this will help them to become inspired to be the best they can be in whatever they do.

The Be the Best you can Be! Programme has been developed by “21st Century Legacy”, which was founded as a Charity by Olympic Champion, Dr David Hemery CBE, to help fulfil the Olympic Bid promise: that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games would be an inspiration for the youth of Britain and the rest of the world.

The Be the Best you can Be! Programme is an Educational Legacy that goes into every area including art, drama, music, sport and every subject – wherever a young person’s dreams reach.  The Vision of the Charity is that all young people are enabled to achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as responsible individuals, citizens and members of their communities.  It aims to

catch the inspiration of London 2012 and challenge young people to follow their own dreams, in whatever field they choose.”  (Dr David Hemery CBE)

English Cricket Board

Cricket coach in school to provide support and professional development for staff and expert coaching for the children, followed by cricket festival at Haresfield school in July – links with other local schools.

Other sporting links

This year we have set up many new sporting links with other schools in our network. We have planned several festivals celebrating different sports including cross country, netball, football cricket and rounders.

We also have an archery club planned for later this year.


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