Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to embed French in our school for the pupils to understand the purpose of learning a Modern Foreign Language. Learning a new language is key to becoming part of the global community we live in nowadays and by setting a starting point in Primary Education we can be on the right track to achieving this objective. The learning of a second language will help the children to be successful in their professional future and feel part of the wider society. At this stage our objective is to build children’s curiosity and to develop passion about French. We provide the children with engaging and fun activities to develop their linguistics skills and build on their enthusiasm and engagement. This begins in Year 3 with informal lessons and educational games all the way to Year 6, where the pupils will start to demonstrate an understanding of basic grammar and listening skills.

Curriculum Implementation

Pupils in KS2 are provided with weekly lessons of 30 minutes. These lessons are taught by a secondary trained French teacher.

The children are developing their knowledge through the 4 basic areas: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Understanding, giving children ample opportunities to practise their skills.
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