Marvellous Maths Day

As an enrichment day school council suggested that Year 6 became teachers for the day. This is what happened!

In the morning they ran 8 Maths activities for Year 3, 4 and 5 – There was a roman numerals jigsaw, some tangrams, some money problems, a shape challenge with flags, some pyramids, doubling, maths games on the computer and a place value game.

In the afternoon the Year 6 children ran different activities for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and Year 5 children were teaching assistants making sure everyone was able to have a go.
Here’s what some of the children had to say:
“I thought that maths day was successful and everybody enjoyed it. A lot of people learned new things about computing and perpendicular lines. All the teachers joined in and the Year 6s were teachers and we had lots of fun. ” Sam Y6

“I feel that maths day was a time to see how people deal with problems – some found it easy but others found it more challenging.” Finlay Y6

“Maths day was fun because you get to try new things and walk around with people that you don’t normally communicate with. Also Year 6s as teachers were helpful.” Archie Y5

“I really enjoyed Maths day because it was a great teaching opportunity for the Year 6s. I also don’t get to work with Chloe very much.” Isabel Y6

“Maths day was fun but hard. Many of the children did not understand how to make the pyramids but there were some very good ones in the end. It was quite difficult but I enjoyed it anyway.” Charlotte Y6

“Maths day was really fun because it was an opportunity to be a teacher and to work together with Isabel. It was fun also because we got to understand what we were teaching and learn about it too.” Chloe Y6

“Maths day was really fun because Year 6s got to be teachers for the day! It look really cool for the other children because they were all happy and smiling. It’s also really good because children get to work with other people.” Millie Y6