Individual Learning Targets

In response to the recent questionnaire we are looking for ways to make sure you feel informed about your child’s progress.

We found that the system for targets we had in place at school was not having the desired impact on the children’s progress. Following self evaluation and pupil conferences we have made some changes to the way targets are set and assessed at Haresfield. For each unit of work the learning outcomes are planned giving several layers of target. The children are then encouraged to challenge themselves and set the target they feel will help them to take the next steps in their own learning. This will be an ongoing, evolving system, as the children become more aware of their needs the targets will become more ‘fine tuned’.
Each Friday, the timetable has been set to allow children time to reflect on their own learning and their targets, allowing children to make decisions about their own learning.

Later in the Autumn term we will hold an information afternoon to share with you the journey so far and the next steps in developing this approach. If you have any questions please come in and ask your child’s class teacher about the learning journals.